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Alex Vitali


Everything started for the Italian born Alex Vitali at the tender age of 15 years when a little house party had been arranged at a friend’s house. He started to change tracks using two separate hifi systems without even knowing what a mixer was!

In the next months he started to fall in love with vinyl and bought his first set of turntables and mixer and in one year started to DJ and play dance music at Sunday afternoon partys in his local clubs.

After a long transaction-time he found his real soul-vibe in minimal electronic music made in Germany and started his collaboration with the “Gold Stars” staff cruising around different important clubs. At the same time he had begun composing his own tracks, purely germany-influenced but with his own unique style. He has produced his debut single for Understated, "I'm Changed" a minimal tech style which has a dub feel to it. Alex has since released an EP on the Digital Circles Label under the name of Trudering Klang where the music is more deep house influenced. Expect more releases from this guy.


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